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Live Pain-Free

Discover your greatest strengths and heal your pain

I hear you...

Chronic or persistent pain has left you feeling tired and frustrated.


You desperately want your life back.


You have been from one specialist to another in the hopes of figuring out what 'condition' you have and how to get rid of the pain.


Your mind is busy balancing work, kids, marriage, family and everything else you’re committed to.


You put others first and your identity has become a blur between the many different roles you play. Each role is never-ending and truly exhausting.​

I know because I've been there.



Reduce Stress

Discover and stop stress triggers in work, life & home

More Confidence

Step into your power and do all the things you love with the people you love

Heal Pain

Without surgery or medication

Podcasts and Interviews

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What Is The Strengths Approach?

First, you will discover your greatest strengths by taking the Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment

Then you will learn how your personality traits could be causing stress (and pain) and what to do about it

After that, you will learn how to use your unique strengths to gain more confidence and joy as you heal your pain

If past stressors are contributing to your pain we can work on that. But we always start with strengths!

*Strength-based healing is about moving towards joy rather than running away from pain. If you've read all the books on TMS / Neuroplastic pain and still stuck in pain this approach is for you.

Success Stories

Hermione, UK

I've already recommended Gemma's coaching to a lot of people

Melissa, USA

I was able to get back to running. It seemed so fast and effective after dealing with the pain for 8 years

Will, UK

I felt like I could say anything to Gemma and not feel judged.

How Can We Get Started?

Here are 3 simple steps


Book a Call

Click this button to book a call with me. I would love to understand your specific situation and needs.


60 Min Sessions

During our sessions, you'll soon be having "aha" moments as you discover how to use your strengths to live pain-free.


Live Pain-Free

Now it's time to put into practice everything you've learnt and get back to living pain-free.

Ready to discover your strengths & heal your pain?

Book a Free Call to discover how I can help you...

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